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Perks of Remote Job as a Software Engineer


Should I choose Remote Job For Work-Life Balance?

Many people love remote jobs for various reasons. There are many benefits of remote work. But it varies from person to person.

People love it so much because

– Can live with my parents who live in another city or at least can give them more time when needed.
– Can enjoy more quality time with my family instead of spending time in cars or local buses in the jam.

On the other hand:

-Can have more time for physical activity
-Can have the ability to eat healthier
-Can recover from illness or surgery at home
-Can have less exposure to illnesses
-Ease of caring for a health issue or disability
-Have option to create a comfortable and ergonomic workspace.

These are two most important reasons to love remote work or if not remote at least Hybrid.

Hope more and more software companies will adapt to this culture.

Otherwise, day-by-day onsite jobs for software engineers may fail to attract suitable candidates. Because most of the candidates will love remote or at least hybrid. not full-time onsite jobs.

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